Hayley is a contemporary indie folk recording artist and performer.

She loves to share her passion for music by teaching.

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 Hayley is a contemporary indie-folk artist, singer-songwriter and musician and began her music career as a classical singer and studied classical voice at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music graduating with a Bachelor of Music.


Hayley's passion for music started at a young age and she dreamt of teaching music to others. Through her school years, she enjoyed performing in musicals, choirs and theatre productions. After leaving school she completed a music degree studying classical voice and performed in choirs and opera choruses. During this time, Hayley also studied acting at The Actors Conservatory where she learnt techniques in voice production and stage combat. 

In recent years Hayley has performed as a solo artist on the international stage writing and singing her own works in parts of Europe and Asia.  

Hayley is now writing, recording and performing contemporary indie folk music as a music teacher and founder/director of Music Studio 60 and actively building her career in the music business through her newly established Arts and Entertainment organisation. Hayley and her team produce live session concerts through online platforms and at live venues and are continuing to develop educational programs for teaching singing, piano, music theory and composition. Hayley specialises in teaching braille music to the visually impaired.

Hayley conducts community choirs and sings in small ensembles and is currently working with a new ensemble that is seeking to perform and record professionally.  Hayley has a keen interest and love for musical theatre. 



  • Access Arts – Professional Development Liaison Officer 2008 

  • This role involved establishing a mentoring program for artists experiencing a disability. 

  • Conducted the Access Arts Community Choir 2007- 2008 

  • During this period, Hayley was involved in mentoring artists with disabilities conducting singing workshops. 



  • Performed with the QPAC Chamber Choir. 

  • Soloist on the QPAC Choir Christmas CD 2013 

  • Guest soloist at the 2014 Spirit of Christmas concerts held at the Concert Hall. 

  • Soloist with the QPAC choir at the Friends of Heal Charity Concert 2015. 

  • Travelled to India and performed as part of a group in New Delhi in 2014. 

  • Performed as the guest soloist and motivational speaker for the Gallipoli choir fundraising concert held at All Hallows School in 2014. 

  • Performed as a soloist as well as a member of Redland City Choir at the Redlands White Christmas concerts in 2014 and 2015.  

  • Redland City Choir Assistant Conductor in 2014. This involved leading parts of rehearsals, for example, warm-ups and leading small tutorial groups. 



Qellas (formally known as Bellanoteable) 

  • Hayley formed this group in 2014 with the aim to encourage and help other musicians in their performance skills and to develop networks within the industry. This involved working as part of a team with three other musicians, organising events, liaising with organisations/festivals etc to seek performance opportunities. Qellas (Bellanoteable), have performed at functions and festivals around the greater Brisbane area and regional areas. Qellas were active from 2014 to 2017 and released an EP in 2015.  


Mansfield Melody Makers 

  • Currently the conductor of a community choir based at Mansfield who perform in various places around Brisbane (e.g., nursing homes).  This role involves leading weekly rehearsals, preparing music and various vocal training exercises for rehearsals, and liaising and working with committee members on matters of music and performances. This role also involves liaising with the community.  




  • In 2017 the choir performed as part of the ‘You’re the Voice Project’ which was an initiative of the Queensland Music Festival to raise awareness about domestic violence in our community. The choir also appeared on ABC Local Radio as a part of Rebecka Levingston’s Sunday morning program. In 2021, this project with the Queensland Music Festival was aptly named ‘Absolutely Everybody'. 

  • In 2018 and 2019 Hayley performed at the Bardon Christmas Community, Christmas Carols. 

  • Joined the women’s vocal ensemble Galltitude. 

  • Hayley has released five singles from May 2019 to January 2020. Three are her original compositions ‘Ice Cave’, ‘Love is Far Away’ and ‘Incredible’, then releasing two Christmas covers, ‘O Holy Night’ and ‘When a Child is Born’.  

  • Hayley founded, directed and is the main artist for the arts organisation Music Studio 60.  

  • Hayley teaches students by facilitating singing, piano, Braille music and musicianship including teaching individuals, groups and masterclasses. 

  • Works as an arranger for various movie projects. 

  • Performed under Music Studio 60 in September 2020 as an online concert. 

  • Performed at Christmas at the opening of the Sunnybank Theatre in December. 

  • Hayley arranged and led the choir performance for Brisbane’s ATN video advertising project March 2021 

  • Performed at the Donnybrook Sports & Community Club June 05 2021 and again soon on August 28. 

  • Hayley held a vintage high tea and musical afternoon called 'High Tea with Hayley' May 08 2021 at Reids Place in Scarborough 

  • Composed music for a movie. 

  • Hayley released the critically acclaimed single ‘Moving On’ which has received airplay around the world and hit worldwide charts for new upcoming artists. 

  • Leads the Access Arts singers and has been part of the Queensland Music Festivals music video for the 'Absolutely Everybody' project. 

  • Professional development in movement and stage presence at the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory. 

  • Music Studio 60 and local music production business Nash Jingles commenced a mutual business alliance and have a strong association with local community radio stations 997 Bridge FM and 4EB Ethnic Community Radio. Hayley has also appeared on radio 4EB Scottish 98.1 FM, A Wee Bit o Scotland on Thursdays with the Glasgow Chicks.  This new alliance will allow us to expand and capitalise in the music industry in promoting music business, education programs, masterclass and music development programs. 

  • Our Music Masterclass sessions are conducted over 10 hours during a 2, 3 or 4 day period to suit the Masterclass attendee. Our Masterclass offers advanced music applications with your instrument and or vocals, music theory, the business side of the music industry, studio and recording and an option to tailor the session to meet your needs. Additional Masterclass sessions are available where optional music theory and business applications are requested.

    • The Masterclass sessions are presented by qualified musicians, music industry specialists and qualified instructors in a safe and secure environment. 

    • We now welcome Music Studio 60 as a co-sponsor with Nash Jingles for our local community radio station 997 Bridge FM


  • On July 30 2021 Hayley released her Extended Play CD ‘Moving On’ featuring 4 of her original songs.  
    Now featured 


  • Hayley is currently working with Access Arts and continues to write music, conduct choirs, teach music online and in private residences, hold music masterclasses and perform locally as a singer-songwriter in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area. 





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