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About Us

Accessible Music Education for All

Music Studio 60, is a locally owned and operated Brisbane music education hub. Founded by Hayley K in 2020, Music Studio 60 has hosted a plethora of musical based workshops, lessons and mentorship programs within its humble four walls. Our greatest goal is to provide accessible music education for all.

Our Story

Founded in 2020, Music Studio 60 sort to set itself apart from other music studios through accessibility fronted music education enabling people from all diverse walks to be able to successful access and attend lessons. 

Music Studio 60's Director Hayley has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from individual to group teaching engaging many different age groups, identities and abilities. Masterclasses and workshops have been created to provide further support to the Redcliffe community we are so gratefully apart of. 

Our goals are to create a welcoming inclusive place for all abilities to receive music education. We provide a wholistic approach to music education and not in the way you might think! Not only does our director teach the foundational aspects of instrumental and vocal training, but also approaches music as a career including learning the language of music (music theory/musicianship), the language of performance as well as mentorship programs designed in parallel to instrumental classes in which your child can learn what it takes to be an independent artist in 2022. 

There is nothing more powerful a tool than education, and we firmly believe in music education and accessibility for all. 

Meet The Team


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